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Concord Concrete Pumps began in 1999, offering quality products priced below the established competition, with several mid-sized, truck-mounted roll-and-fold and z-fold boom pumps for the North American market. The original intent was to appeal especially to smaller pumping contractors - the fastest growing portion of the market.

Since its beginning, Concord has enjoyed steady growth each year and presently manufactures a wide product line including 30-meter to 65-meter truck-mounted boom pumps,  line pumps and self-climbing concrete placing booms. The product line has evolved and improved with the passage of time but the original concept that stresses simplicity, durability and reliability and high value remains intact.

As of 2012, Concord has sold more than 1,200 concrete pumps and placing booms. The company estimates that it has 80 percent of the concrete pump owner-operator market in North America and is acquiring an ever-increasing portion of the larger fleet market of concrete pumpers. Concord claims to have approximately 30 percent of the total concrete pump market in North America and is apparently one of the fastest growing concrete pump manufacturers in the world.

Concord pumps are preferred and valued by their owners because of their field-proven durability, reliability, low-cost maintenance, excellent dealer support and lower acquisition prices. Concord has grown from a small, family-owned business to a major concrete pump manufacturer with global reach.

Concord Pumps is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada and also has operations in South America, Australia and Europe.