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Pumps Concrete

Pumps Concrete

Why Do You Need Equipment That Pumps Concrete?

While some equipment may be good and preferable for a particular building, they may not be the ideal for another project. For the construction industries, equipment that pumps concrete is an indispensable tool for effective delivery of projects.

Concrete pumps are equipment used in transferring liquid concretes by pumping them from a concrete pump truck to where they are needed. The use of specialized equipment that pumps concrete began in the early 20th century and had since then gradually replaced other methods of placing liquid concretes. They are used for both the construction of commercial, industrial and residential buildings, as well as bridges, pools, slabs and paving. Cranes are largely limited and time-consuming in the lifting of liquid concretes up high rising buildings and may not access certain areas. This is why concrete pumps have gained much demand in the construction of buildings and other constructions such as bridges.

Types of Concrete Pumps

1.         Stationary Concrete Pump

This is often called stationary line pump. They operate by mounting a concrete pump onto a trailer with a separate pipeline attached for accessing any place the concrete is needed in the building.

2.         Mobile Concrete Pumps

It comprises of both a concrete pump and a placing boom mounted onto a truck chassis. It operates typically within the range of the boom, delivering concretes within the ranges of less than 20 meters to over 70 meters.

3.         Truck Mixer Concrete Pumps

This type of concrete Pump contains both the mixer truck and the concrete pump as a single equipment. It does not require mounting of pumps on mixer trucks as both are different components of the same equipment.

4.         Truck Mounted Static Pumps

This type of concrete pump requires the static pump to be mounted on a truck chassis without a boom.

Advantages of Concrete Pumps

Have you ever wondered why you need to buy a concrete pump? Well, here some major reasons why you need to buy concrete pumps.

•           Saves Cost

Using concrete pumps saves a lot of labor cost. You can save up to 50 percent of what would have cost you to use crane and labor. Some of them are remotely controllable, allowing for easy operation. It also cuts down on the amount of concretes wasted.

•           Capable of Pumping Larger Volumes of Concrete

Their different sizes allow them to pump large volumes of concrete at a time, pumping up to 50 cubic meters per hour. This makes it better than a crane

•           Gives Access to Where other Equipment Cannot Reach

Equipment that pumps concrete can reach where cranes cannot; some can reach over a building to place concretes at the backyards and the top of high-rise buildings.

•           Constant Flow

Some concrete pump can deliver as much as two mixer trucks can discharge into it

•           Saves Time

Workers do not have to wait for the next batch of the bucket to arrive as it is the case with cranes. The great efficiency it offers per hour saves time for any construction company.

•           Easy to Set Up

It takes an average of one hour to set up a concrete pump. All that is required is the boom placed and outriggers set up. The mobile nature of concrete pump trucks makes it easier to set up.


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