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6 Essential Tips To Help Extend The Lifespan Of Your Used Concrete Pump

A concrete pump is a vital machine that can meaningfully transform your construction business. Whether you personally handle construction projects or rent out machineries, having concrete pumps as an asset can be very profitable.

For many, used concrete pumps are better option than new ones. If you already own a concrete pump, you definitely will like it to work in an excellent condition for several years. The truth is, you can actually extend the lifespan of all your machines with the right approach to management and maintenance. Here are six essential tips that will help extend the useful life of your concrete pumps.

Ensure It Is Manned By Experienced Operators

This is often neglected by some concrete pump owners though it is very important. When your concrete pump is manned by inexperienced operators and careless individuals, it is more likely to develop serious problems that may shorten its lifespan. Do your best to ensure that only experienced operators man it. 

Stick To Schedule Inspections

Schedule inspections will greatly minimize the risk of major equipment failure and you need to follow it consistently. When you have the right technicians carrying out the inspection, issues are detected in time and corrected before they escalate or cause more serious problems.

Repair and Replace Any Damaged Part Immediately

When it is found that your used concrete pumps has developed any issue, it is important that you make provisions for it to be repaired immediately. If there are parts that are recommended for replacement, have them replaced immediately. This way, you will reduce the risk of bigger issues that may cut short the usefulness of the machine.

Develop a Good Maintenance Strategy

You should have a good maintenance strategy for your machines. Based on some specific site conditions, your concrete pump will need to be properly maintained to keep it in great condition at all times.

Ensure the Machine Is Not Overworked

Subjecting your concrete pump to overuse is the easiest and fastest way to cut short its lifespan. You have to ensure that the machine is not used beyond the recommended hours in a period of time (day or week).

Use Strictly For Concrete Pumping

It may be tempting to use your concrete pump for other tasks you feel it is capable of handling. There are people that use the concrete pump as a crane; this is wrong and can damage the machine. Use your machine strictly for concrete pumping.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help extend the lifespan of your used concrete pumps. A used concrete pump can work efficiently for several years if used and maintained the right way. The tips discussed above will help you extend the useful life of your concrete pump. With this, your pre-owned concrete pumps can serve you for many years to come.

Concrete Pumps USA offers you high-quality, affordable, used concrete pumps. Our used concrete pump will serve your construction needs for an extended period. Contact us today if you need to purchase one.

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