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Five factors to consider before you buy a concrete pump

Concrete pumps are a great addition to any building contractor's artillery. They bring an unmatched efficiency and effectiveness to the process of conveying liquid concrete from the place of mixing to any desired point on the site. If you are still stuck with the manual methods of transporting concrete on your site, consider investing in a concrete pump. This guide presents everything you need to before you buy concrete pumps

Type of pump

There are different types of concrete pumps, such as specialized usage pumps, truck-mounted concrete pumps, stationary pumps, and many others. The best choice of concrete pump would depend on the size of your construction business and the kind of projects you work on. Before you buy any concrete pump, you need to ensure what you're buying fits these two parameters. Needless to say, you should make room for your growth projections so you won't have to start shopping for another concrete pump anytime soon.

Cost of the pump

People who wish to buy a concrete pump often have to choose between a new and used pump. Often, the budget is the most significant deciding factor. Whatever your budget, you should be more concerned with getting the best value for your money. The concrete pump you're buying should deliver performance, ease of maintenance, and longevity.

Purpose of the concrete pump

The ideal concrete pump for you will depend on the kind of construction projects. Line pumps are best for small scale projects, while boom pumps are more suited to large-scale construction works. Asides accessibility, you should also consider the volume of work and the pumping pressure of the concrete pump you're about to buy.

Brand of the concrete pump

Before you buy a concrete pump, you need to do your homework and ensure the brand is trusted. The company you're pitching your tent with must have a track record of creating quality and ultra-durable pumps that would serve you for many years. You need to note that the top brands have better aftersales value than the less popular ones. Thus, even if they seem expensive, they're often the best concrete pumps to buy in the long run.

Warranty options

Like all other equipment, you should consider your warranty options before you buy a concrete pump. Naturally, a new concrete pump would come with an extended warranty. However, many dealers also over reasonable warranties for their used pumps. Sometimes, you might even get a year or more. Buying with a dealer that offers a warranty gives you extra assurance that you're covered in the event of any damage.

There you have it! Highlighted above are five crucial factors any contractor should consider before investing in a concrete pump. It is vital to note that this list is far from exhaustive. Other factors, such as the seller's reputation and market demand, would still influence your purchase decision. If you need a reputable dealer for your new or used concrete pumps, do not hesitate to contact us at concretepumpsusa.com.


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