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6 Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Used Concrete Pump in Top Shape

Used concrete pump is an incredibly important machine in the construction industry. Used for efficient concrete placement in all kinds of difficult situations, the machine offers so many other benefits. To get all the benefits a concrete pump offers, the machine will need to be properly maintained. In the case of used concrete pump, maintenance is critically important to keep the machine in top shape. Here, we will briefly discuss six maintenance tips to keep your machine in great working condition:

The Requirements and Methods in the Maintenance Manual Should Be Followed Religiously

Your used concrete pump will come with a maintenance manual from the manufacturer. It is always important to follow the requirements of the manual religiously. The makers of the machine have the best idea on how to keep it working properly and following the stipulated methods will always yield good results.

Check Important Parts of the Machine after Every Workday

After every eight hours work day, it is important that you check certain parts of the used concrete pump to ensure that all is well and the machine is ready for the next day. On the pump, you should check the pretension on the accumulator’s gas, the oil, as well as the water box. On the truck, check the tires, diesel, power steering, and radiator fluid.

Lubricate the Pump Parts Fully and In Time

Proper lubrication is important if you want to keep your used concrete pump working in optimum condition. It is important that you and everyone that operates the concrete pump understands the lubrication requirement. All parts that need lubrication should be lubricated fully and in time too.

Change the Oil As Often As Required

It is recommended that the oil be changed at least after every 250 hours. It is important that you follow the schedule religiously or stick to whatever is recommended in the maintenance manual of your used concrete pump. Change all the oil and dump the two main tank filters and boom filter.

Keep Internal and External Electrical Panels Clean

It is important that all electrical panels be kept clean and sealed at all times. Check internal and external electrical panels from time to time to ensure they are in the best possible state. It is also important that you replace blown fuses in time.

Call In the Experts for Routine Servicing

Your used concrete pump need routine maintenance by experts and it is important that you let the right professionals handle that. Stick to the recommended maintenance schedule and you will prevent different issues.

There you have it! Above are some useful maintenance tips to help keep your used concrete pump in excellent condition. A used concrete pump can serve for years when maintained properly. The easy tips above are meant to help you maintain the machine the right way and enjoy all its benefits. Contact us today to purchase quality used concrete pumps. We have some of the best concrete pumps on sale. They will serve your construction needs excellently.

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