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6 Tips for Preventing Electrical Issues on Your Used Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are among the most important assets a construction business will hold. The machines offer the fastest and most economical method of concrete placement. When they are working properly, they offer so many other benefits.

Like most other equipment, concrete pumps develop issues from time to time. Electrical issues are quite common and can disrupt operation unless a knowledgeable person is around to fix things. It is always better to prevent these issues from happening at the first place. Here are six tips that can help you prevent electrical issues on your used concrete pump:

The Equipment Should Be Maintained according To the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

This is important not just to prevent electrical issues but to keep the machine in a good working condition at all times. Proper maintenance of the used concrete pump, according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, will prevent all kinds of issues and prolong the useful life of the machine.

The Alternator Should Be Checked Regularly To Ensure It Is Strong Enough

Some electrical issues result from weak alternators. A weak alternator can start a used concrete pump but fail to get it working properly. This can lead to more electrical damages if it is not detected in time and corrected. It is important to check the output voltage of the alternator and replace it if it is less than 24volts.

The Battery Terminals Must Be Kept Clean At All Times

Dirty battery terminals can cause electrical issues; they will not permit adequate amount of electrical current to flow to the electrical systems and this can cause other issues for a concrete pump. By ensuring that the battery terminals are kept clean always, electrical issues can be prevented.

Internal and External Electrical Panels Should Be Kept Clean

Electrical panels should always be kept clean at all times. When this is not the case, a lot can happen. Check interior and exterior panels from time to time and ensure they are kept clean.

Battery Output Should Be Checked From Time To Time to Ensure It Is In Good Shape

Battery output may be the cause of concrete pump electrical issues most times. When pump is not working and the battery terminals are in good shape, it may be necessary to check the battery output. A load test on the battery can determine if it can provide ample electricity for the pump electrical system.

Battery Connections Should Be Checked and Tightened As Needed

In some instances, loose battery connections are the causes of electrical issues in used concrete pumps. They loosen gradually and if you don’t check them often and tighten when there is need, they can cause electrical issues in your concrete pump.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help prevent your concrete from developing electrical issues. Preventing electrical issues on your used concrete pumps is important. It is necessary to keep your machine working in the best manner and deliver all the benefits while minimizing risks.

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