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6 Tips for Servicing Your Machine that Pumps Concrete

A concrete pump is an important machine in the construction industry and owning one is a huge investment. It is also important to keep your machine that pumps concrete in a great shape if you hope to get the best from it while it is being used.

Proper servicing is necessary to make it operate optimally and also to protect it from avoidable breakdown or damages. If you own a concrete pump, you obviously understand the need for servicing but how do you ensure your machine is properly serviced? Here, we will discuss some important tips for servicing your concrete pump.

Have the Machine Serviced Immediately It Is Due

It is very crucial that your concrete pump be serviced immediately it is due. Wasting time can have dire consequences that you wouldn’t want to deal with. Once the machine is due for servicing, have the right experts attend to it.

The Concrete Pump Must Be Serviced Only By Qualified Engineers

It is also important that you have only individuals that are suitably qualified and duly certified to service your concrete pump. Only designated engineers with competence in the work should be allowed to perform full servicing of your machine.

A Strip Down Of All Stress Areas Is Necessary During Assessment of Continued Service

There is a major inspection for assessment of continued service that is necessary for concrete pumps and other associated equipment. This should be done annually and it is important that all stress areas be stripped down for proper inspection. Insist on it on an annual basis.

All Inspections Should Be Noted In the Appropriate Log Book

There is need to keep record of all inspection results and servicing. There is also an appropriate log book for this and you need to ensure that it is used the right way to keep record of everything that concerns the concrete pump: repairs, maintenance, inspections and servicing.

Welding and Other Repairs Must Be Performed By Qualified Individuals

When there is need for welding or any form of repairs on the concrete pump, it is important that you have only an experienced welder of service provider holding the appropriate qualification and the manufacturer’s specification to perform them. 

Defects Must Be Reported and Attended To In a Timely Manner

To keep your concrete pump in the best condition there is need for operators to report any form of defect immediately so that it will be attended to in a timely manner. The details of the defects and actions taken to correct them should be entered in the log book and considered during next servicing.

There you have it! Above are a couple of useful tips for servicing your machine that pumps concrete. Servicing your concrete pump is important to keep the machine in a great condition and expand its useful life. The tips discussed in this post should help you do that the right way.

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