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7 Tips to Help You Purchase the Best Concrete Pumps

In construction, a concrete pump is one of the most critical machines. In big projects, it is impossible to do any meaningful thing without them. Buying a concrete pump is, therefore, a significant investment. It is equally not something that should be rushed. There are several types of the products on the market and getting the right will depend on some factors. Below are seven helpful tips to help you purchase the best concrete pumps.

Consider the Available Options

There are two types of concrete pumps: truck-mounted and trailer-mounted pumps. You need to be sure of the kind you want to buy before looking around. Even for a particular type, you can still be overwhelmed by the assortments regarding models. Do some research and decide on what you want before setting out.

Consider the Machines You Have and Suitability of the Pump

You will need to mount the concrete pump on a machine, so it stands to reason that you consider the machines you already have and the suitability of the available concrete pump options (unless you intend to buy a new trailer or truck for it).

Buy Known Brand

There are different brands in the market and many promise so many things at once. While we can’t recommend any particular brand for you, we can only advise that you go for known brands. Some manufacturers have earned reputation in the industry, go for what they have to offer and avoid the temptation of trying out new brands.

Consider the Output Rate

When buying the best concrete pumps, the output rate is an essential factor to put into consideration. The size of the pump can determine the output rate, but it is still necessary to check out the specified output rate. You can easily find this information in the manufacturer’s spec sheet, or you inquire from the manufacturer. Be sure that it will meet up to what you need.

Consider Ease of Maintenance

Different factors will determine how easy it will be to keep a concrete pump in the right shape. Such factors as the simplicity of the piston/valve system, the number of parts that can wear, and how easy it is to access parts that need regular cleaning. Be sure that the concrete pump won’t cost you so much in maintenance cost after purchase.

Ask About After Sales Service and Repair

It is essential that you buy your concrete pump from a manufacturer or supplier that offers after sale services and repairs. This way, you can be sure of what it will take to keep the machine operational for a given time.

Consider the Price

You need to consider the price of the machine, of course. While shopping for quality, consider alternative options to the one you want to buy and see if it will make any economic sense to choose another concrete pump because of the price.

It is also essential that you buy a concrete pump from suppliers that offer technical support. In anything you do, make sure you consider all these important factors before spending your money on any particular concrete pump.

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