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Concrete Pumps USA

An Affordable Way To Buy Concrete Pumps

buy concrete pumpsYou may be seeking to expand your fleet as a cement mixer truck. Concrete machines that are readily available give one the flexibility to contest for more jobs without worrying about making a full purchase. Utilizing the lease will help you avoid the humungous upfront fees of buying cement pumps because you will only pay a series of small monthly charges. 

Concrete Pumps USA has different options for clients to buy concrete pumps. You can lease or make loan arrangements that help you ease the financial burden of commencing a project. You can choose the leasing option as a precursor to purchase and ownership.

Benefits of leasing concrete pumps

  • You do not have to commit to an asset that has the potential of undergoing massive depreciation. This consideration is essential if you do not want to destabilize the predetermined budget.
  • You have the option of turning in an old machine for an upgraded one using the latest technology
  • A lease saves you from the burden of a machine’s long-term maintenance
  • Your project has the predisposition of gaining from the application of the newest design tools 

Steps of acquiring a lease


Concrete Pumps USA will need a few details to determine your qualification for a contract. These details include the following:

  • The business’ information such as the type of the business, license number, address and years of operation
  • Personal information like your name, social security number, and ownership title within the company
  • Information on the equipment like its year of manufacture, make and model

Retaining liquidity in the business may require that you apply for a lease or loan. Our team’s unique plan will give you a structure that features the following conditions:

  • Competitive rates
  • Monthly payments that accommodate your business’s budget
  • The tax statement of the machine
  • Flexibility to acquire various concrete tools 

A concrete pump seller works as a dealer while you have a leasing arrangement with a bank or financial company. It is, therefore, vital that you verify the credibility of the company before depositing the first sum. Remember that the seller has the right to retain your deposit if you do not follow through with the financing. 

Arranging a lease through the bank requires that you provide the machine’s Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, which is unique for every device. The application should include the front and bank sides of the statement. A lack of the document may prompt the bank to bail on an agreement. 

Arranging a lease with Concrete Pumps USA exempts you from the stress of working through a bank. We possess all the necessary details of the machines in stock; hence, it will be easy to gain an excellent deal. Additionally, you do not have to risk sending an unreasonably high fee.

Our firm has a fast turnaround time after the application of the lease. The financing will last for two and more years per your budget and the machine’s pricing. The flexibility of our terms allows you to acquire either new or used tools of varying prices. Read the application instructions to fasten the approval and the start of your business’ operation.

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