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Buying a concrete pump can be an exciting time for a contractor, but finding the right concrete pump to buy is often easier said than done! It isn't always clear whether to buy a new or used concrete pump, nor is it always clear about which kind of concrete pump is right for your business needs. That is why Concrete Pumps USA would like to help. We would like to share some information and tips that can help you buy the right concrete pump for your business.

If you are planning to buy a concrete pump, please, check out Concrete Pumps USA. We have a wide variety of concrete pumping equipment, including all of the name brands that you know and trust. Choosing a concrete pump doesn't have to be difficult if you know what you need and choose the right seller.

Should I Buy a Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump or a Truck-Mounted Boom Pump?

If you are planning on conveying concrete to restricted locations, such as fenced-in backyards, interior industrial spaces, and the like, then you would probably want to buy a small trailer-mounted line pump. These types of concrete pumps are perfect for smaller jobs, such as smaller residential projects, commercial projects, and industrial projects. Also, if you plan on taking on jobs that require decorative pours, then a high-volume boom pump would probably be overkill.

If you plan on taking on larger construction projects, such as parking lots, foundation laying, etc., then a truck-mounted boom pump might be what you need. Boom pumps are more expensive than line pumps, and they are ideal for heavy-duty, high-volume jobs.

Should I Rent or Own a Concrete Pump?

Make no mistake; Concrete Pumps USA is eager to sell you a high-quality concrete pump with a lifetime warranty. We can even help you get financed for your purchase! At the same time, Concrete Pumps USA realizes that owning a concrete pump may not be the right solution for every contractor. Sometimes, renting your concrete pumping equipment is a more viable option, How, then, do you know whether to rent or own?

It all comes down to your plans and goals. For example, do you plan on using your concrete pump for at least multiple jobs per month? If not, do you have a plan in place to rent out your concrete pump to other contractors during slow times? If you are serious about concrete pumping, you should probably consider buying your own concrete pump. If it's a once in a while kind of thing, then maybe you should think about renting instead. Also, do you have a qualified concrete pump operator? A concrete pumping machine is a heavy-duty piece of machinery. It's not something that you want to learn as you go!

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If you are in the market to buy a concrete pump, check out our line of new and used concrete pumps for sale. We have Schwinn, Putzmeister, Reed & Alliance concrete pumps, and more. Don't forget to ask us about financing.

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