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Concrete Pumps USA

Buy Concrete Pumps for Your Construction Projects

Concrete PumpRenting or buying a concrete pump is an ideal solution if you are working on tight construction deadlines. Unlimited access to the site is one of the greatest benefits of using a pump. Concrete pumps are also highly efficient, thus saving you time. Pushing wheelbarrows will drag your project behind, especially if the project is large and requires a lot of concrete. Unlike wheelbarrows, the pumps throw at least one cubic meter of concrete in less than a minute. We will help you buy concrete pumps that suit your construction needs.

At Concrete Pumps USA, we have specialized in Putzmeister Telebelts and concrete pumps. Our pumps guarantee low breakdown rates, smooth operation, and low maintenance. We supply our clients with the latest pumps that can be customized at competitive prices.

What Should You Consider When Buying Used Concrete Pumps?

Various factors should be taken into consideration when buying a pre-owned concrete pump such as the manufacturing date. Very old machines are likely to have extensive wear and tear. Another factor you should consider is the type of concrete pump you need. Some pumps are multipurpose, while others have specific uses. Get the kind that best fits your construction needs.

The pump’s spare parts are also vital. Are they easily available? If not, then find another pump whose spare parts are not hard to come by. Also, check if the moving parts of the pump are still in good working condition. Ask your supplier if the concrete pump has ever been involved in an accident to rule out any possibilities of having internal malfunctions.

Ultimately, the pump you choose should be one that’s highly efficient, affordable, and in good working condition.

What Types of Concrete Pumps are Available?

As a contractor, you will need different construction equipment to accomplish the assigned project. A concrete pump is of the most important equipment in construction. Buying a pump is a huge investment. As such, you need the right pump to maximize the return on your money. Here are the most common types of concrete pumps:

  • Group Line Pump

This is a type of hydraulic pump that can pump liquid concrete through a series of steel pipes and hoses to get the concrete to the intended place.

  • Boom Pumps

Boom pumps function the same way as group line pumps. However, they have a hydraulic arm that can be maneuvered to deliver concrete above, below, and anywhere else.

Factors to Consider When Setting Up A Concrete Pump

To ensure the safety of everyone at the construction site, you need to consider the following factors when setting up a concrete pump:

  • The Site

Choose a safe spot for the pump. A level ground or a place where the outriggers can stabilize the equipment is ideal.

  • Check the Working Condition of The Pump

Confirm that your concrete pump is working properly before getting it to work. Check all the moving parts for any noticeable issues.

Concrete Pump Specialists

Avoid time-consuming wheelbarrows and buy concrete pumps that make your work easier. At Concrete Pumps USA, you will get concrete pumps that suit your project. Call us today on 435-615-0072 to place your order.

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