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Common Electrical Problems in Used Concrete Pumps and How to Fix Them

Concrete pumps make concrete placement a lot easier. When the machine is working smoothly, it is easy to forget that a lot of things have to work together to get it pumping concrete. When all the different parts are working perfectly, the concrete pump is a very dependable machine.

Like other machines, however, some issues can arise while using the concrete pump. Electrical issues are common with used concrete pumps and it is helpful when you know some possible problems and how to fix them. We will discuss some common electrical issues with used pumps and how to get them fixed in this post.

Blown Fuses

This is one of the commonest electrical problems. In fact, whenever you have problem with any system, it is important to check for blown fuses first. The best way to do this is to trace the wire. You will find where the wire has rubbed along the frame or melted by a heat source. Replace any blown fuse in time.

Failure of the Pump Circuit

This is another common problem of used concrete pumps. If it happens in an older machine with no computer control, it can easily be fixed, at least on a temporary basis. You will have to check if there is power in the fuse block. If there is no power there, you can get a heavier gauge wire and run a link from the battery to the fuse block. This is an emergency repair that you can use to finish any operation. Afterwards, you need to find the original cause of the problem and fix it, or you contact an experienced technician.

Alternator Failure

Alternator failure is another issue that can make your concrete pump to stop functioning properly; it will make the machine to start running out of power. It may die eventually and will not restart with a jump till the battery has picked up enough charge.

An emergency fix at this point will be to get a set of jumper cables and hook up to an external source to help supply power to your batteries where your machine is looking for the power. You need to be sure of your battery size and ensure that you are hooking up to either 12 or 14 volt system.

There you have it! Above are some of the common electrical faults that your concreted pumps can develop. Most common electrical problems you may face with a used concrete pump can be fixed with ease. A good understanding of your machine is important before attempting any fix. It is also important that you use the right tools when trying to fix any problem.

Always turn to the right professionals to help with serious electrical problems and other issues your concrete pumps may develop. The expert will fix the fault immediately and get your machine to proper working condition. Contact us today at Concrete Pump USA to purchase quality used concrete pumps at the most competitive prices. We guarantee you quality products and services.

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