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Concrete Pump for Sale: 6 Tips to Prevent Concrete Pump Accidents

concrete pump for saleConcrete pumping gives the quickest and most conservative technique for placing concrete on construction jobs. In any case, the procedure isn't without peril and regularly displays various risks. To avoid accidents when operating your concrete pump for sale, these tips of concrete pumping ought to be on your mind.

Preparing the Site

Site preparation begins a long time before the pumping procedure. Make sure to evacuate all messiness and get out some space for the pumping truck. In a perfect world, the space has just been leveled and is sufficiently huge to handle a pump using broadened outriggers. Furthermore, there ought to be sufficient space to handle two or three mix trucks. Altogether inspect the concrete trailer pump's delivery hoses and end hoses for abnormal wear. Know the maximum pressure that your machine can apply on the concrete, and make sure that the funnels, hoses, and clips are equipped for handling it.

Monitor Concrete Levels in the Hopper

Try not to give the concrete level in the hopper turn out to be too low. On the off chance that air is sucked into the material cylinders, the pump will compact the air. And compacted air represents a danger as it is removed from the hopper or the delivery pipeline.


Power lines cause the most lethal accidents while pumping concrete. To forestall or decrease these kinds of accidents all personnel ought to get electricity and power line safety training. At the point when a power line exists close to the job site, a threat zone ought to be built up and set apart with cones. What's more, a spotter ought to be on hand always to caution an administrator when the blast comes hazardously near the assigned peril zone.


Adequate cribbing is fundamental to allow the weight or balance of the cement stack. Commonly, pump makers do supply some outrigger cushions with their pumping equipment. Contractors may likewise have an additional supply of steel plates or wood dunnage that can be utilized for extra cribbing when required.

Avoid Concrete Hose Whipping

Hose whipping is a standout amongst the most well-known accident that happens while operating a concrete pump for sale. More often than not, it occurs, when air enters the line and finds a blockage in the line. The pressure increases and whatever blocked the line shoots out brutally. It happens either during priming, pumping activity or when cleaning out the system. In other words, whenever the pump is on.


Poor outrigging procedures can cause various accidents on construction work sites while pouring concrete. Tip-overs are predominately caused by using outriggers without adequate cribbing, or the site surface has not been legitimately arranged to help the heaviness of an outrigger.

Infrequently, an obscure underground void could be the reason for tip-overs. The soil type can be a basic factor with regards to keeping outriggers protected and steady. Each soil kind can have an alternate load-bearing limit.

There you have it! Above are a couple of tips to help you prevent concrete pump accidents. Concrete pump accidents can be very devastating. You can sustain injuries or your concrete pump for sale can become damaged. However, by following the tips provided above, you can safeguard yourself and your machine.

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