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Concrete Pumps USA

Concrete Pumps Save Tremendous Man-Hours

Are you in the market for a used concrete pump? Contact Concrete Pumps USA today and let them help you with your search.

What Are the Advantages Of A Concrete Pump?

A concrete pump can place a more substantial amount of concrete per hours than say a crane lifting skips. (Basket) You also get a constant flow of concrete, and the right concrete pump will pour as fast as a mixer can mix up the concrete. Having a steady supply of concrete being pumped to your project means your employees won't be standing around with anything to do. Wasted man-hours can add up and quickly take your project over budget. 

A concrete pump will allow you to place the concrete exactly where it is needed quickly.  Concrete pumps can make the quick work of pouring floors and other projects that require large amounts of concrete.  If you are considering purchasing a used concrete pump for your business, remember they will make your projects quicker and will help pay for themselves in the long term. You will be able to take on more jobs.

Are There Different Types of Concrete Pumps?

What is a concrete pump? It is a machine that pumps liquid concrete. A concrete boom places the concrete accurately by use of a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm.

Concrete pumps vary in capacity, but the main difference between them is the additional equipment that often comes as part of the pump.

A Truck Mounted Mobile Pump, or Mobile Concrete Pump is a pump plus a placing boom that is mounted on a truck. Mobile booms vary in length depending on where they are used and for what. They can be less than 60 feet and over 200 feet. Portable pumps are popular because they show up at the worksite and can pump concrete anywhere their boom will reach. A truck-mounted mobile pump can discharge high volumes of concrete quickly with only a small amount of labor needed.

There is a stationary pump or a static concrete pump, line pump or trailer-mounted pump that requires a pipeline attached to place the concrete. The end of the pipe can be attached to separate placing boom. These types of pumps have to be transported separately to job sites. One of the advantages of a static pump is it can be placed a long distance from where the work is being done and utilizes a pipeline. These pumps are great for tunneling, and high rise construction work. There are also variations, and you can also mount a static pump on a truck if needed.

In order to pour concrete you need to have it mixed. Truck Mixer Concrete Pumps mix and supply concrete.

Why Purchase A Used Concrete Pump?

An excellent used concrete pump is a fantastic investment for a smaller company just starting or if you need an additional pump for more job sites. If you need to bring your jobs in on time and budget, let Concrete Pumps USA help. We can offer to finance and leasing for concrete pumps, telebelts, mixers, and slingers.  Contact us today and let us help your business become more productive.

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