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Concrete Pumps USA

Concrete Pumps USA: A Leading Supplier of Concrete Pumps

Concrete PumpA pumping truck is a versatile and effective method of delivering concrete to a construction site. Having a concrete pump makes it possible to get concrete to any location regardless of where the site is. These pumps can deliver concrete away from the road, below the ground, at a height, and even through another building with the help of an extendable boom. We can help you get a concrete pump that meets your needs.

At Concrete Pumps USA, we have a large inventory with various brands of concrete pumps. Some of the available brands include; Schwing, Putzmeister, Alliance, Reed, Cifa, Concord, Mayco, and Olin. We have both diesel and electric run pumps that customers can hire or buy depending on their needs and budget. Our pumps are highly efficient and of superior quality. Even better, we offer them at affordable prices.

What’s More Economical Between Owning or Renting a Pump?

Buying a pump might not pay off unless you intend to use it frequently and for a long time. When planning to get a machine, you have to factor in a number of things such as costs, cleanups, repairs, and the time required for maintenance. It makes more sense to hire the service of a pumping contractor or temporarily rent a pump if you already have a trained operator.

Also, you can estimate the number of times you use a pump in a year. Use that to compare the buying cost with the renting rates in your area before deciding whether to rent or buy a pump. 

Can a Pump Handle a Concrete Mix?

Decorative concrete contractors mostly use no-fail concrete mixes in their projects. You will need a special pump if you use gold-standard mix in your construction project. There are multipurpose pumps that can handle a variety of mixes, while others can only accommodate certain mix types. You can gauge the kind of material that a pump will churn out efficiently from the maximum amount of aggregate size it accepts.

Pump Maintenance

The effort that will be required to keep a pump in good working condition will depend on the number of wear parts, the simplicity of the valve design, and the accessibility of components that require regular cleaning and servicing. Pumps with a central lubrication system make greasing every vital service point easier.

For less complicated cleaning, get a pump with a removable or hinged hopper that does not require special tools to be assembled. Also, pumps made of high quality and long-wearing materials will last longer.

Available Pump Options

Trailer mounted pumps are mostly available with an extensive assortment of whistles and bells. This gives the contractor more versatility to match the pump’s ability to meet specific needs. However, most of the available options in the market include electric motor, wireless remote control, hydraulic outriggers, hopper remixer and agitator, high-pressure water washout pump, and chemical additive pump.

Where to Get a Concrete Pump

Let us make your project a success with our high-quality concrete pumps. At Concrete Pumps USA, you will find pumps from different brands at competitive rates. To order a pump, call us on 435-615-0072.

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