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Equipment Needed Alongside Concrete Pumps for Construction

Construction siteFor any large-scale construction project, contractors need several heavy-duty equipment. Concrete Pumps USA provides most of these from reputable manufacturers such as Olin and Mayco. If you’re a construction company looking for quality and reliable concrete pumps, laser screeds, telebelts, and stone slingers, you can get them from us at affordable prices.

The Importance of Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment

The following are the benefits contractors get from using heavy-duty equipment on construction sites:

  • Reduced Labor Costs

Machinery such as concrete mixers and pumps take over work that would have required many workers to complete manually. These types of equipment can complete high volume tasks in a short time, while only requiring a few operators.

  • Fast Completion of Projects

Machines such as telebelts and slingers are built to enable accessibility in hard-to-reach areas. They can easily deliver construction materials anywhere on the site, hence contributing to faster completion times.

  • Accuracy and Quality

Using machinery allows contractors to reduce material wastage. A concrete pump, for instance, delivers concrete to the exact location where it’s required, without any spillage. It’s also able to place it accurately, which contributes to the quality of the job.

Equipment that You Can Buy from Us

Besides concrete pumps, here are other construction equipment you can purchase from us:

  • Stone Slingers

Slingers are a more efficient alternative to dump trucks. They can reach areas that a truck cannot since they utilize a conveyor belt to deliver rock, sand, gravel, and other materials. We have a variety of stone slingers in our inventory, including those with trucks and those without.

  • Concrete Placers

Concrete placers are used to distribute concrete mixers onto construction surfaces. They are essential in many applications, including roads, airports, and dam construction. We can provide you with placers that have attachments which allow the transfer of concrete from mixers, and conveyor belts for accurate distribution. Concrete placers are especially useful for high-rise buildings where boom pumps cannot access.

  • Mixers

These are used to mix concrete and are better alternatives to wheelbarrows and mixing tubs. We have mobile mixers that make concrete delivery easy over a large construction site. Given the large capacity of mixers, they allow you to mix a lot of concrete at once and place it while it’s still as fresh as required.

  • Screeds

Screeds are used to smoothen and level concrete that has just been placed. At Concrete Pumps USA, we have laser screeds that are attached to a four-wheel-drive steer unit for efficient and quick operation.

  • Telebelts

These are telescopic belt conveyors that are mounted on trucks and used to deliver material such as sand, concrete, and gravel on construction sites.

High-Quality Used Equipment

We offer used construction equipment that have been refurbished, painted, or fitted with new parts. These are available across a wide range of models and manufacture years.

Get Your Machine Today

Buying heavy-duty construction equipment is a huge investment, and we want to make sure that you get value for your money. Contact us today on 435-615-0072 for more information about our concrete pumps and other construction machinery.

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