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Finding the Right Concrete Pump for Sale

concrete pump for saleNot every project is large enough for a truck to fit in. Some, such as those involving artistic designs, require a high degree of accuracy. The right concrete pump for sale needs to be able to withstand hundreds or thousands of uses while meeting diverse needs. Cemen Tech offers concrete pumps for any project at prices you can afford.

Why do I need a concrete pump?

Trucks and larger mixers work well for most construction projects. This equipment creates tons of concrete with the hoses and other equipment needed for a smooth and even pour. They maintain viscosity with ease.

Unfortunately, there are projects where space is limited. Large equipment cannot fit in basements, backyards, and even some roadsides. In these cases, you need a pump. High-pressure pumps do exist but most variants provide accuracy and flexibility.

What do I need to be concerned with when using a concrete pump?

Concrete pumps do not include mixers. The mixture is poured directly into the device. A pump is just that, a pouring device that helps maintain a steady flow of mix directly into your work area.

You need to maintain the right viscosity. This requires some skill. However, when applied correctly, pumps are also highly accurate and profitable.

Which types of concrete pumps exist?

Multiple types of pumps exist. The type you use depends on the spaces you plan to use your equipment in.

Available products include:

  • Stationary pumps for larger rock or other material
  • Boom pumps for increased accuracy

Your company can profit when choosing the right device. Obtain the cost of the device over the course of several projects even with price tags near $1 million. This equipment lasts through years or decades of steady work and long hours.

Pumps for Large Rocks

Stationary pumps offer superior pour basins and sturdy designs. A rock valve pours stone and thicker aggregate. They are commonly used for textured projects and tight spaces where accuracy and reach are not a necessity.

An S-valve is effective in high-pressure situations. Larger throughput improves productivity without requiring a truck.

Boom Pumps

Some projects need a long reach or a greater degree of accuracy. A boom pump includes an arm that allows users to guide concrete into place.

Different types of boom pumps allow you to remain mobile. A line pump is incredibly portable with the capability to push grout, sludge, and many other types of material.

Finding a concrete pump for sale

Finding the right concrete pump for sale at the right price is the key to success. You can find many useful models for sale with only limited use. These devices are incredibly resilient and concrete cannot contaminate future projects. A used concrete pump may be the perfect option for your business.

Cemen Tech offers superior new and inspected products for heavy use. Our team works hard to ensure that every device is ready for use. Get in touch with our team today to find a concrete pump for your next project.

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