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Concrete Pumps USA

Guide for Buying the Best Concrete Pumps

best concrete pumpsThe best concrete pumps tips and guide can be useful when shopping for a new model. As always, consumers are urged to practice smart shopping to ensure a good deal, no matter what they are buying. When it comes to major equipment, like a concrete pump, it may be in your best interest to buy a used model. Used pumps can still effectively meet your needs without blowing a major hole in your budget. If you find yourself often renting a pump, you definitely should consider investing in one of your own.

Multiple rental fees can add up quickly to amounts much higher than the purchase price of a pump. Weigh the pros and cons that pertain to your specific situation carefully. While some contractors and professionals find it beneficial to buy their own pump, it might not be the right decision for others. Consider how often you plan on using the equipment. Calculate how quickly your investment will pay for itself.

Best Brands of Concrete Pumps

There are a lot of great name brands that offer pumps and other professional equipment. Most small operations only require the use of trailer pumps, but boom pumps can be the better option in large scale projects. Most name brands offer both trailer and boom pumps to appeal to more consumers. The features of each model can also vary greatly, which is why it is vital to research your options. Consider the following brands when looking for a quality pump:

  • Schwing
  • Reed
  • Concord
  • Alliance
  • Cifa

Schwing brand pumps offer a mixture of German and American engineering. This brand is known for its precision and commitment to excellence. Schwing pumps offer high quality performance without a large price tag. Consumers love the maximum pressure capabilities and maximum strokes per minute that Schwing pumps are known for. Since Schwing concrete pumps are built to last the test of time, you can feel secure buying a used model from a reputable dealer.

Benefits of Reed Brand Pumps

Reed is a highly reviewed brand that offers superior concrete placing equipment. Since 1957, this brand has been catering to the needs of working professionals. The PSI capabilities of the various pump models can range greatly and reach as high as 2,000 PSI. Small and large scale projects alike can be accomplished using such impressive power. The durability of Reed equipment is unquestionable, as they are well designed. All pumps from Reed are not only efficient, but function smoothly. Plus, the pumps are developed to be user friendly, with safety being the number one factor.

Specialty Equipment from Concord

Concord is a tough brand that has a reputation for premium durability. This brand has become a leading provider in the industry of concrete pump manufacturing. Concord products tend to be more expensive than other models, even when purchasing a used model. The price difference is mainly due to the programming capabilities Concord models offer that others do not. Multiple PSI power levels are offered with each model available from Concord. It is a sound option to review when in the market for a concrete pump.

Best Concrete Pumps
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