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How A Concrete Pump Pumps Concrete

pumps concreteIf you are involved in the construction field in any way, then the chances are that you are familiar with concrete pumps. These are essentially a fixture that is very common on building sites across the country that pumps concrete in liquid form. Since these pumps have been introduced, they have improved the overall efficiency of various types of building projects, especially when it comes to projects involving high rises and other areas that it would be otherwise difficult to introduce concrete to the desired space.

It used to be that you had to use buckets to bring or life the concrete up to higher levels with the help of manpower or cranes. However, the new equipment helps as it pumps concrete up to the higher levels. This is a fast, consistent, and constant supply of liquid concrete to any space where you need it.

How Does a Concrete Pump Work?

A concrete pump pumps concrete by way of two side-by-side cylinders that include a piston in each. There is one piston that works to draw up the liquid concrete through the cylinder as the other works to pump out the concrete. Along with this, there is a valve that helps determine which of the cylinders is open for the concrete hopper, which is also open for the discharge piping. 

While the basic premise of a concrete pump remains the same, there are still several different types of pumps available. These include:

  • Mobile pumps – these units include a concrete pump and placing boom mounted to the chassis. These booms come in different sizes, and you can use them to deploy the concrete wherever you need it within range of the boom.
  • Stationary Pumps – these pumps are mounted on a trailer where the concrete delivery system works through a separate pipeline attached to the same trailer. The pipe gets attached to a placing boom for proper concrete placement.
  • Truck mixer pumps – these are mounted to the chassis of a truck without the need for a boom, which allows you to get into places where the boom will not reach.
  • Truck-mounted static pumps – these units allow for a large mobile supply of concrete, which will include a pump as well as a boom. What this does is allow for total mobility and versatility. 

Know the Advantages 

If you are in the construction field, you may be in need of a truck that pumps concrete for various operations. There are many advantages of a pump rather than the traditional bucket and crane methods. You have a greater supply of concrete available on a consistent basis, but you also have more precision in terms of placement. There is also a much faster setup time, which will help to streamline your construction jobs.

Should you be interested in concrete pumps, we have everything that you need at Concrete Pumps USA. We have concrete pumps as well as shotcrete pumps, and we are more than happy to talk with you about your choice of both new and used models. We carry all of the major brands, and we can go over your options at your earliest convenience. Call (435) 615-0072 and ask us about financing!

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