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How to Buy a Concrete Pump

Concrete pumpA concrete pump is an essential machine for both small and huge construction projects. As a contractor, having one ensures that you can meet your deadlines as scheduled. However, for you to gain these benefits, you need to choose the right machine for the job. For starters, you need to know about the two common types of concrete pumps that are used on construction sites, and they are:

The Boom Pump

A boom pump is a heavy-duty, high-capacity machine used to pump concrete on large scale projects, mostly those involving high rise buildings. It's mounted on a truck to deliver concrete to hard to reach spots with a remote-controlled arm. This pump is precise, fast, and is convenient for use on construction sites where you have to navigate obstacles such as bridges to lay concrete.

The Line Pump

This is a low-volume pump that is suitable for small projects, such as building a swimming pool. It comes with a hose attached, which is used to transport concrete to the site. A line pump is easier to move through a construction site compared to a boom pump since it's more compact.

But before purchasing any of these pumps, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Purpose

This is especially in regard to the type of pump, whether a boom or line pump. Examine the demands of your construction site and decide which between the two will help you pour concrete at every corner where you need it.

  1. Price

It’s common to find different sellers offering the same pump, but at different prices. Therefore, take your time to compare prices from several vendors before making a purchase. You may even come across one offering a discount, or attractive financing incentives. But be careful not to compromise the quality of the machine on the basis of cost. Once you do your research, you will be able to gauge the right price for the level of performance you want.

  1. Manufacturer

There are many concrete pump manufacturers, but not all of them offer quality equipment. You’re better off buying a pump from a brand that has been around for a while and has built a reputation. An easy way to identify the best models is by asking your trusted local concrete pump seller. They will not only show you the most reliable brands but also help you choose the one that best fits your construction needs.

  1. Reviews

There's no better place to get information about the performance, durability, and maintenance cost of heavy-duty equipment than customer reviews. From online reviews, you’ll see opinions from fellow contractors who have already used a particular model, and who can give a first-hand account of their experience using it. This will provide you with a chance to identify pumps that have been tried and tested to deliver on various construction sites.

If you put all these factors in mind, you'll rarely make a wrong decision when making your purchase. As long as you find a reputable seller, such as Equa Corporation, you are guaranteed to find a quality and reliable machine.

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