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How To Identify The Best Concrete Pumps For Construction Purposes

best concrete pumpsWhether you are looking to place structural concrete and cement-based overlays or you simply want to perform other common applications like pressure grouting and shotcreting, it is important to know that you can achieve this only when you’ve got the best concrete pumps.

But it can be quite intimidating to find a reliable concrete pump for the purpose of construction due to the availability of many manufacturers. To this end, it has become seemingly difficult to make the right choice. But knowing what to look for when buying such a pump, can go a long way to help you obtain the right equipment.

Here are some helpful tips to help you make the right choice.

Identify your needs

But before you get your search for the best concrete pumps available, you will first need to decide on the type of pump you need. As an ideal alternative to traditional concrete transportation methods, concrete pumps are generally known to offer high convenience and time-saving capabilities. Today, contractors use this equipment for both large and small construction projects. Depending on your construction needs, you might want to consider investing in a stationary pump, boom pump or even a line pump.

Consider the size of the pump

The size of the concrete pump you choose can either make or mar your construction project. Basically, you will want to choose a pump that suits your project needs. However, it all depends on the type of work you will be performing. There are only a few more decisions to make once you know the right pump to choose for the type of work you are doing. Bigger pumps are capable of handling high volume concrete pours than smaller ones. While it is recommended to use machines that pump 80-90 m3/h on domestic sites, it is, however, important to consider pumps with a much larger output for any commercial project.

Quality matters much

When it comes to investing in the best concrete pumps, it is important to consider purchasing a quality pumping equipment. Thanks to recent technological advancements, there are several concrete pumps on the market that do not only help to save time but proffer high efficiency. It is important to consider having a concrete pump with the same quality and technology when purchasing such equipment. When searching for a good quality machine that can give you great value for money, brand names shouldn’t necessarily be crucial to your decision-making process.

Don’t overlook price

One good way to make the best choice of the concrete pump you need for construction is by comparing the many pump brands available. As you already know, the current market is very competitive: to this end, you will need to both consider the price of the equipment you are purchasing, as well as the after sales support you will get from your supplier. While the price of the equipment may not be a helpful determinant to making the right choice of concrete pump, it is, however, very good to consider a quality machine that will give your value for money.


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