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How to Rent a Used Concrete Pump

used concrete pumpThe process of renting a used concrete pump is much more intensive than renting or buying a brand new machine. You should verify that the pump has an entire working system, such as clamps, hoses, and reducers, that are applicable for your task.

Many auctions will offer continuous support during the purchase of the pump. Concrete Pumps USA has a mandated inspection routine that keeps note of the conditions of all machines. Talk to our support staff to get the minute details of each concrete pump before signing the purchase papers. Our invaluable advice will give you a smooth operational duration that maintains your clients’ budgets and timelines.

What to look for when ordering a used concrete pump for rent

  • The size of the boom
  • Safe access of the truck to the construction site
  • The farthest distance you can pour the concrete as the truck sits on level ground
  • Possibility of requiring extra tools like hoses, individual pipes or elbows
  • Cost of the rent

What is the price of renting a used concrete pump?

Contractors and homeowners are the only two categories of people who rent pumps on a regular. The cost of rent will vary for each person because there are a few variables that need accounting. These include issues such as:

  • How long will the project last?
  • What type of construction is involved?
  • What is the preferable length of the pump?
  • The rental program 

Rental packages

Rates per hour

Concrete pumps are rentable by hours and range between $150 and $200 for one hour. The prices vary according to the region of the construction and the competency of the projects in the area. Most rental firms need a minimum rental duration of between three and four hours.

Rates per cubic meter

These rental firms charge for each cubic meter you pump on the project. The price for each cubic meter will vary and range between $2 and $10. The process of charging the project begins with an estimate.

The estimator will present the value to the rental firm before the client can transport the machine to the site. They will calculate the cost by assessing which pump fits the job and measure the amount of concrete that will complete the construction. They will then factor in the most likely duration for the job to make sure the details of the entire estimate are in line for an accurate estimation.

Extra charges

The rental firm will charge for each hour of use that you exceed the agreed allotted time. This additional amount varies according to each company’s policy. The amount will be the payment of the operator’s extra hours of work and the exceeded effort of using the pump.

Some companies give you the option of choosing between hiring one of their operators or contracting one of your own choices. A newbie contractor stands a better chance of executing the job without fault by hiring an experienced operator who knows the used concrete pump. Contact us today to begin your lucrative rental business with reliable pumps from the best international brands.



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