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Important Questions to Ask When Buying Concrete Pumps For Sale

Buying a concrete pump is a huge investment. It can meaningfully improve the fortunes of anyone that has an interest in the construction industry. Though it offers lots of benefits, it is important that such investment be approached carefully.

What’s more, it may be more meaningful, for instance, to buy a used concrete pump than to go all out for a new one. Affordability and reduced rate of depreciation are just few of the advantages this option offers. When you find used concrete pumps for sale, there are some important questions you need to ask, however, if you want to buy the right machine. Here are the most important of such questions: 

How Old Is the Concrete Pump?

While it can be very advantageous to buy a used concrete pump, it is important that you avoid a machine that is too old. A concrete pump that has been used for so many years is approaching the end of its useful life and may become a liability rather than an asset. Ask for the date the machine was actually manufactured and how long it has been in actual service before it was put up for sale. 

Have The Machine Been Involved In Any Major Accident Before?

It is also important to find out if a concrete pump has been in an accident before. Ask this important question and probe further if this is the case. It is important that you understand the history of the machine in order to avoid buying a machine that has real problems you can’t deal with. Get as much detail of the accident/accidents as possible and know the level of damages the machine must have suffered. 

How Worn Out Are The Parts And What Needs To Be Changed?

Asking about the conditions of the parts of the machine may sound ridiculous which is why you need to follow it up with another question of the parts you need to change. Many sellers will be forced to declare parts that are worn out so that you understand better what you may have to pay for to get the machine working.

When Was The Last Boom Inspection Carried Out?

It is important that you understand when the last boom inspection of any used concrete pumps for sale was carried out. This can indicate the state of the machine and the efforts the former owner or seller has taken to keep it in good condition.

When Was The Last Time The Hydraulic Oil Was Changed?

Just like the question above, this important question will let you know the condition of the machine and the effort made by those that intend to sale to keep the machine in great condition.

There you have it! Above are some important questions you should ask before purchasing used concrete pumps for sale. By asking important questions, you will be able to buy a used concrete pump that is in great condition. The five questions above can be incredibly helpful.

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