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Maximizing a Concrete Pump's Functionality

concrete pumpsA novice contractor may not know how to maximize the use of the first concrete pump. They may begin and continue their work without concern about the pump’s condition. A busy project will often tax the pump to insert excessive energy and resources. The consequence is a machine that is too worn-out to maintain integrity for the long haul. 

The first step to ensuring a pump keeps its servitude is choosing one with a good reputation. You should also vet the company that sells the pumps to filter out the possibility of acquiring a bad one. 

Maintaining a concrete pump’s functionality

Vetting the pump’s history

It is better to talk to the previous owners of the concrete pump before making a purchase. Alternatively, ask the seller to give you a statement of its maintenance or inspection history. Luckily, Concrete Pumps USA mandates the inspection of all its products.

Our boom pumps follow the industry standard of undergoing an annual inspection of the boom and DOT. While some owners may not adhere to the rule, a majority of our used concrete pumps will incline to follow all industry protocols. 

A good seller will also ensure that the machine’s serial number matches the one in the manufacturer’s records. This precaution ensures that you do not acquire an older pump that received its serial number from a newer one. 


Concrete pumps are one of the main workhorses of a construction project. It is, therefore, vital for the staff to schedule regular checkups for repair and maintenance. Keeping the pump in excellent condition reduces the risk of danger at the site and lengthens the production of high-quality products.



  • Grease the pump’s back end
  • Check and adjust the oil, steering fluid, radiator fluid and tires
  • Check the pretension of the accumulator’s gas
  • Replace fuses
  • Dump the water in the water box when it has grout


  • Confirm the health of the boom filter gauges, prop switches, truck alternator, belts, and lug nuts
  • Check the grease pod


  • Grease the turret and boom
  • Check for leaks and damages in the boom or gasket
  • Check for signs of abrasion, cracking, dry rotting or bubbling in the hoses
  • Inspect the switchover cylinder, cutting ring pretension, airlines, brake pads, and belt tensioner. The brakes should be able to work at low pressure when you press the gauge until the switch pops
  • Ensure the belts are tight and contained within the frame


  • Change the oil repack the cylinders
  • Inspect the wireless control, hard-line box, and blowout hose
  • Check for fatigue on the water tank, valves, outrigger chain, shift tower, transmission, exhaust pipe, slack adjuster and filters


The boom should have well-functioning material cylinders and adequate torque in the turret at the end of each year. You can schedule a servicing session with professionals who have certification and verification of checking and maintaining various concrete pumps. Concrete Pumps USA buys and resells top-notch machines. You have the guarantee of receiving the best tools when you choose from one in the fleet.



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