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Purchasing A Used Concrete Pump: Is It A Wise Choice?

We have the best concrete used pumpsThe equipment to carry out construction work is a vital force for the performance of competitive operations. In many occasions, the productivity and characteristics of the machine are critical factors to generate a real advantage in the industry.

In that sense, investing in a concrete pump can generate high profits, especially if you need to take concrete to hard-to-reach places frequently. The used concrete pumps represent an indisputable alternative that can save you money while generating positive results. However, there are specific factors that you must take into consideration when making your investment to achieve the expected objectives.

The Management Goals

First, you need to think how much the acquisition of your concrete pump aligns with the company's objectives. The machinery must attend to specific needs, but consider other long-term factors, such as scalability over time.

Also, take in mind the strategy, you may buy the equipment permanently, or expect to replace it later (this model is widely used since it allows general results in the medium term with a lower budget).

Justification of the Investment

Also, you must prepare a production volume planning, and the projected ROI associated. The fundamental idea is to generate some estimated financial statements that allow you to assess whether the investment is justified or not. Do not forget to consider the useful life of the equipment and its depreciation.

Do Some Research Before Selecting

If after analysing your results you have decided to carry out the purchase, consider the following criteria to determine which is the appropriate equipment:

- The brand: One advantage of buying used machinery is that there are more options to choose. Try to lean towards recognised brands such as Putzmeister, Schwing, Reed, Alliance, Concord, Cifa, Sany, or Olin & Mayco. Their level of experience in the industry point to better quality equipment.

- References from the users: Through blogs and pages related to the industry, inquire about the experience of the current users of your candidates. The opinions you get are valuable because the user will not try to sell you anything.

- The reliability of the distributor: Selecting a probe supplier is almost as outstanding as the equipment you are going to acquire. Companies like Concrete Pumps USA, Equa Corporation offer greater security, providing advice, solvency, and experience. Also, a right provider reduces the risk of cheating or fraud transactions.

- Associated costs: besides the payment of the machinery, consider other costs such as the maintenance plan, operator's fees and spare parts cost. Regarding spare parts and service, take in mind both the price and the availability.

Look for financing options

In addition to own funds, also consider the availability of credits and financing. Concrete Pumps USA, Equa Corporation offers you an excellent loan plan, in which we can support up to 100% your investment in new & used concrete pumps and telebelts. You will have access to extensive benefits that include approval in just 24 hours, and between 24 to 60 months to pay. If you wish to opt for these benefits, you should only fill out our financing forms on your computer, and send us the information by email or fax. We will be glad to assist you.

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