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Concrete Pumps USA

Quality Concrete Pump That Pumps Concrete

pumps concrete If you have a sizable construction project, you will require more than just manual labor. You’ll also need heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, pacers, and tower cranes, which speed up construction and make work easier. For instance, a machine that pumps concrete can save a lot of time in big projects. Such machinery also ensures high quality and lasting results.

Concrete Pumps USA has been providing contractors with concrete pumps since 2003. Our large inventory includes trailer pumps, placing pumps, stone slingers, mobile mixers, and other heavy construction work equipment.

When is it Necessary to Pump concrete?

Pumping concrete is an alternative to using wheelbarrows, a crane, or a mix truck to place concrete. A concrete pump cuts down on labor and speeds up construction. When concrete is placed using a pump, you can work at any time, despite the weather.

A concrete pump is effective when constructors are unable to get mix trucks to the worksite. A pump truck can be parked at a safe distance away from excavations, where concrete can be pumped from.

Concrete pumps have also become essential in high-rise building projects. Before, buckets of concrete would be lifted using cranes. With a pump, however, concrete is easily pumped directly to the floor it’s required.

Concrete Pumps USA offers you more efficient methods of working on your building project. We also provide financing. Our customers can get concrete pump and telebelt financing with payment terms of up to 60 months or more.

Safety Precautions When Placing Concrete

Workers need to stay protected when laying concrete using a pump. Some of the safety measures include:

  • Using eye protection so that concrete does not splatter into the eyes and cause irritation.
  • Putting on rubber footwear and gloves to protect your feet and hands from the harmful chemical compounds found in concrete mixtures, such as hexavalent chromium.
  • Wearing full-length clothing which protects all parts of the body. Wet concrete can irritate the skin and cause severe chemical burns.

Safety is vital on all construction sites, especially when operating heavy machinery. Construction site workers should be well trained to avoid accidents at work. Also, workers should strictly adhere to confined space procedures when working in places with potentially mechanical hazards which may entrap them or cause atmospheric hazards.

How Far Can You Pump Concrete?

Contractors can extend their pump pipe lengths according to their needs. The lines are made of metal pipes that can be interconnected with additional ones. For instance, a ground line pump can operate over an area of 150m or more.

Besides the length of reach, the flexibility of the hose is an important feature. A flexible hose allows builders to go over obstacles such as houses to get to the construction site.

Quality Assured

Concrete Pumps USA is a member of the American Concrete Pumping Association and a Utah licensed motor vehicle and equipment dealer. We offer both new and used equipment. That gives you the flexibility to choose machinery that suits your budget and needs. Our vehicles are in excellent condition, and you will find that any bought from us pumps concrete perfectly. Give us a call today on 435-615-0072 to find the right Putzmeister telebelts or concrete pumps for your construction project.

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