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Concrete Pumps USA

Reviewing the Types of Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pumps for saleOne of the best places to buy concrete pumps for sale is Concrete Pumps USA, no matter what type of pump you’re looking for. Shoppers will find multiple types of pumps from popular brands like Reed and Concord. The three basic types of pumps for concrete include line pumps, boom pumps, and specialized usage concrete units.

What type of pump you will need depends on what you plan on using it for. For small grade construction projects, like pouring a sidewalk, a line pump will do the job. A line pump is also known as a trailer pump, but it can be called a mounted pump.

Regardless of what you call it, a mounted trailer pump can handle small volumes of concrete for minimal scale construction projects. Anyone planning to pour concrete for a pool should definitely avoid line pumps.  While mounted units can pour a generous volume of concrete at a rapid rate, they are not equipped to handle large scale jobs.

Pros and Cons of Boom Pumps

When you buy concrete pumps, also consider how much concrete you need to have pumped. Shoppers should also factor in the rate at which the concrete is pumped when making a purchase. Boom pumps are stationary pumps that do not move around construction sites, unlike line pumps. The robotic arm of the boom pump, which is called the boom, is controlled by a remote. The maneuvering capabilities of the boom add to the appeal of these pumps, especially when working in tight spaces.

The major con related to boom pumps is the cost, as they are more expensive than line pumps. Shoppers must consider the complexity and size of the projects they plan to use this type of equipment for when making a purchase. Economics, price, and manufacturer details can all greatly influence whether or not a line pump or boom pump is best for your situation.

Pumping Pressure and Volume Output

Shopping for construction equipment requires research and investigation to find the best deals. The concrete volume output and pumping pressure also play an important role when choosing a new pump. It is not always the best move to buy a pump with low pressure and output volumes because the machine might not properly function. Overpowering your pump or pushing it to the limit can wear the mechanism down more quickly. Buying a pump that is too powerful or large for your needs could potentially be a waste of money.

It is possible to solely base your final purchase decision on the projects that the model is best for. For example, a boom pump is more effective at pouring concrete at higher altitudes than line pumps. Truck mounted pumps are well suited for road work and similar large scale projects.

Financing Options to Review

At Concrete Pumps USA, we can provide you with financing options on premier listings for all types of concrete pumps. You can reach our staff by calling 435-615-0072 or by emailing us at info@concretepumpsusa.com. Our company is a fully licensed dealer of motor vehicle equipment.

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