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Safety Tips for Operating a Concrete Pump and Other Construction Equipment

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Starting your own construction company can be a feat that feels impossible. There are so many things to remember and keep track of. It is easy to see why people get overwhelmed and forget important details. One of the most important aspects of starting your own construction company is hiring responsible employees who know how to safely operate the equipment required to complete construction jobs. Safety is one of the most important parts of construction.

While you want to provide pristine work, you also want your employees to be safe and unharmed. The best way to keep your employees safe on the job site is to have them undergo training for all of the equipment you have on the construction site. Many of the accidents that occur on construction sites could easily have been avoided if the proper safety measures were taken.

Safety Tips for Construction Equipment

By making sure that your employees successfully and safely know how to operate the equipment, you can cut down on the chance of an accident happening. The following is a list of safety tips to help you train your employees on construction equipment.

  1. Concrete Pump

You should consider having all of your operators obtain safety certifications before operating this type of pump or any other equipment. Make sure the equipment is adequately cribbed to prevent an unbalanced weight distribution in the load. Avoiding power lines with a boom pump is one of the biggest safety concerns when running this type of equipment. Always be sure to prepare the ground for the pump, which can be done with outrigger pads. Safety gear should always be worn when operating any type of machinery. To avoid running into anyone, clear the area when placing the pump. These small tips can prevent safety issues when operating and setting up a pump for concrete.

  1. Backhoe

Operating a backhoe requires flagging garments and safety gear and a safety certification. It is important to pay attention to your overhead when operating this type of machine. When working in conditions that are slick or wet, you should use reduce speeds when operating your backhoe. It is very easy for a backhoe to slide off track and cause an accident. Avoid lifting heavy loads in conditions that are not ideal. Pay attention to your surroundings when driving a backhoe.

  1. Concrete Mixer

Just like any other equipment, safety gear and certification is needed to operate a concrete mixer. You should always test the mixer before you attempt to use it. Be sure to avoid overloading the mixer or sticking your hands in an area where there are moving parts. While this may seem like common sense, it is important to abide by these safety tips. If a mixer is diesel powered, the exhaust should be pointed away from any workers in the area. Inhaling the fumes of the exhaust could cause serious health problems. Take extra care when cleaning the drum of the mixer because that is when the most accidents occur.

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