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Technical Guide On How To Buy Concrete Pumps

buy concrete pumpsThere are significant decisions one has to make when they want to add to their fleet or accessory kit of concrete pumps. Our company has a considerable duration of experience in the field. We understand that buyers have different financial goals or capabilities; hence they need different purchasing programs.

People will buy concrete pumps in ways that do not deplete their savings, business, or personal life. Here is one way you can get a pump from Concrete Pump USA.

Consider the total ownership cost

This charge is a one-time investment. It gives a longer lifetime of use and has a significant impact on the profit of the business. One way of ascertaining this is by having to analyze all the machines at our inventory. 

Some may have all the specifics of the required job, while others could require you to customer engineer specific parts. The total cost will make up the full cost of ownership.

Analyze the technicality


The engine is the heart of the concrete pump. It gets the crew to the working site and powers the pump to meet the demands of the job. 

You will need a power plant with the proper torque curve and horsepower. The best one will have a smart fuel consumption option and minimal maintenance costs.


Another aspect is the manual and automatic transmission. Experienced operators do not have a problem handling manual transmission concrete pumps. New operators work better with automatic operatives. The latter has a full torque even when running at lower speeds. 

This setup is suitable for low traction conditions that have deep gravel and sand. Experts who understand the operations of concrete pumps will usually advise you to find a combination with excellent drivability and pumping power. 

Analyze the environment

Exhaust systems use heat to operate the process of emissions. Concrete pumps that operate from a stationary point will require particular engineering approaches to reduce excess regeneration. Little regeneration translates into less energy consumption and low costs. Many operators experience problems in this sector because they do not know how to specify the best working environment for the concrete pump. 

Consider the chassis

The chassis has to be strong to accommodate the force of moving a truck with pumps. The old system of pump trucks required numerous modifications. Every edition weakens the original engineering and increases the risk of further damage down the road. A custom chassis can, however, mean that you have options in avoiding the load permits of the state. Concrete Pump USA will advise on the best machine for the job. We have a fleet of options that allow you to find an easily customizable machine.

The command central and cab

The cab offers an operational hub for the driver. A cab-over is better for the driver who wants superior maneuverability. This case is because the driver  can see the road better and avoid black spots. Our tech support has in-depth knowledge of how to buy concrete pumps that have the perfect design and adjustability.


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