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Concrete Pumps USA

The Equipment That Pump Concrete

Concrete placement is one of the most significant tasks in construction. There are various ways to go about this but concrete pumping has emerged the best way, offering several advantages. Instead of pulling concrete from a chute, wheelbarrow, concrete buggy or skid-steer, you can simply use concrete pumps to pump concrete and deliver the concrete mixture to any part of construction site.

In addition, concrete pumps are very versatile. These pumps can help you get concrete to restricted areas and places that are difficult to reach. This method of concrete placement saves time, energy, and reduces the risk of mishaps and job-site injuries. To pump concrete and enjoy the benefits attached to it, you need the right equipment.

A concrete pump is the all-important machine that is used in transferring liquid concrete by pumping it to the areas of the construction site where they are needed. These machine come in different sizes and models with varying capabilities. They are broadly classified into three types and we will briefly discuss them below:

Boom or Truck Mounted Pump

This is a concrete pump that is attached to a truck and controlled remotely through the boom (articulating robotic arm) to take concrete to specific areas of the construction site. This equipment is highly regarded for its accuracy at concrete placement and the ability to pump high volume of concrete in less time. They are mostly used in large construction projects. Due to the way they work, boom pumps are always able to save substantial labor and time during construction.

Trailer or Line Pump

Also referred to as stationary pump, this is another type of equipment that pumps concrete. It is mounted on a trailer and needs steel and rubber hoses to be attached to its outlets. The hoses will need to be attached manually until the right length is achieved in order to get the concrete to the part of the construction site where they are needed. Line pumps do not pump as fast as truck mounted concrete pumps. Consequently, they are ideally used in smaller construction projects.

Specialized Usage Pump

As the name implies, this is a concrete pump that is made for special job sites. They may not have the capacity of boom pumps but they can deliver concrete in places where boom pumps cannot deliver. They can also deliver in places where even line pumps cannot work efficiently such as mines and tunnels.

Asides from these broad categories of concrete pumps, there are other special equipment that can be used to pump concrete. This includes skid and rail mounted concrete pumps, and many more. Some are rarely used due to their extra specialized mechanism but all concrete pumps can meaningfully improve concrete placement in any construction site.

Are you planning to purchase concrete pump for your construction needs? Contact us today at Concrete Pump USA. We have quality and durable used concrete pumps for sale at affordable prices. Our concrete pumps are guaranteed to serve your construction needs for many years to come.

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