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Three Reasons Why It is Smart to Choose Used Concrete Pumps

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The advantages of concrete pumps in the construction industry are difficult to deny. Apart from making any construction work more manageable, they help you to reduce costs significantly. As a construction business owner, this particular advantage is priceless.

However, today, there is some debate about whether the best concrete pumps are the used ones or new ones. If we were to take a stance on the issue, we'd say that your machine's age or newness is inconsequential. As long as it remains unmatched in its job of pumping concrete, there's not much of a reason not to use it.

Why Should I Go For Used Concrete Pumps?

Knowing that age alone should not trump the functionality of any pump is useful information. But what else would motivate you to buy a used concrete pump instead of a new one? There are some reasons used boom pumps and trailer pumps might be a better fit for you than their newer counterparts.

  1. Used Concrete Pumps Can Do Everything A New One Can

This fact holds unless your seller gives you something that is subpar or doesn't work well. However, since you will be purchasing from a reliable supplier, you don't need to worry about that. Nevertheless, a used concrete pump can still do everything that a new one can. That is:

  • It can help you to minimize cost. You wouldn't have to hire laborers to help you work on your construction project. The machine will carry out the work, unsurpassed and unbeaten.
  • It provides accurate pumping and filling.
  • It helps to improve your concrete strength. This is largely because these pumps don't use as much water as other concrete pumping media.
  1. Used Concrete Pumps are Less Expensive

Generally, new machines for pumping concrete do not come cheap. Manufacturers understand how important they are to the industry. As such, they spare no resources while making any new brand of concrete pumps. This reflects in the costing of a new pump.

However, a used concrete pump would not cost as much. Like most fairly used products, it provides you with the quality you need without necessarily taking a massive dip into your finances.

  1. Used Concrete Pumps are Literally Tested and Trusted

Usually, when you see an advert for a new product, they'll tell you how they tested it under the harshest conditions. As a result, you can trust it to do what you want to. But, the truth is that these testings often occur behind closed doors.

They might say it is perfectly suitable, but you really can't verify until you have paid for it, and you start using it. By then, it might be too late even to get a refund if something is wrong. With used pumps, however, you know that the pump has been used and has worked before. As such, you can certify that it is second to none in its service provision, and in its reliability, it is top of the line.

We have established that you should focus on functionality instead of newness when you're buying concrete pumps. Beyond that, however, we've also shown you that used versions can do everything the new versions can while providing lower costs and service reliability. Given all these factors, isn't it more logical to just go for a used and functional pump? You know it is.

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