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concrete pumpConcrete pumps have fast replaced traditional methods of transferring liquid concrete in construction sites. The main types of pumps are boom pumps and line pumps. Boom pumps are suitable for larger projects while a line pump is preferred where there’s a smaller volume of concrete being used.

Concrete Pumps USA has for more than fifteen years provided contractors with site equipment and vehicles. The brands in our inventory include Sany, Alliance, Reed, and Putzmeister. These are all big players in the industry, manufacturing high-quality construction machinery. If you’re looking for amazing offers, we have quality concrete pumps for sale.

What are the Different Types of Concrete?

Concrete types vary depending on the materials and design used in mixing, area of application, and the method of construction. The common types include:

  • Plain Concrete

Cement, aggregate, and water are the three main components of plain concrete. In plain concrete, no reinforcements used. The three constituents are usually mixed in the ratio of 1:2:4 of cement to aggregate to water.

  • Precast Concrete

These are concrete units that are built in a factory. They are then transported to the site of construction. The only action required at the site is assembly. Examples include walls, poles, and staircase units.

  • Ready Mix Concrete

This is concrete prepared at a mixing plant then transported to the building site on a mix truck. When buying ready mix concrete, ensure that transportation doesn’t take too long to avoid setting of the mixture before it has been placed.

We sell placing booms, boom pumps, and mobile mixers which allow for the preparation and placing of these types of concrete at construction sites.

Properly Mixing Concrete

Concrete should be mixed to the right consistency and strength. When mixing concrete for pumping, you have to ensure it can flow through the pipes. A stiff mixture pumps well enough without clogging the pump. Such a mixture contains a bit more sand than a regular concrete mix, an aggregate blend, air-entraining agents, and fly ash. Superplasticizers that reduce water content in the mixture are also used to ensure better placing.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Pumping Concrete?

  • Adding Water to Make it More Viscous

Some contractors might imagine that to make the concrete easier to pump; there's a need for more water content. That, however, is a misleading thought. An extremely wet mixture may lead to the separation of the aggregate, which in turn clogs the pipe.

  • Placing in Extreme Weather

Heavy rain can affect the consistency of ready mix concrete, while extreme temperatures can lead to the evaporation of water from the mixture. Fair weather conditions are the best when placing concrete.

Great results come with the combination of expertise and availability of the right equipment. Our collection of both new and used construction vehicles ensures you have what you need for your construction project.

Experienced Concrete Pumping Dealers

At Concrete Pumps USA, we put our customers' needs first because we know our success depends on theirs. We provide efficient heavy-duty equipment without compromising on quality. In addition, we have concrete pumps for sale. Call us today on 435-615-0072 for more information on our offers.

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