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Concrete Pumps USA

What to look for when buying concrete pumps

A short guide to buying concrete pumps 

Concrete pumps are a great addition to any building contractor’s artillery. They bring an unmatched efficiency and effectiveness to the process of conveying liquid concrete from the place of mixing to any desired point on the site. If you are still stuck with the manual methods of transporting concrete on your site, you should consider investing in a concrete pump. This guide presents everything you need to before you buy concrete pumps

What are the types of concrete pumps?

For practical purposes, most construction experts agree that there are three main types of concrete pumps. They are:

  • Boom concrete pumps
  • Line concrete pumps
  • Specialized usage pumps
  • Boom concrete pumps

Boom concrete pumps are stationary, remaining in one position for the entire duration of the project. Their remote-controlled robotic arm or crane allows them to place concrete on any point in the construction site accurately. Boom pumps are also capable of pouring large amounts of concrete in less time, making them ideal for large scale construction projects. They also prove useful for casting tight spots and elevated spots in high-rise buildings.

Line concrete pumps

If you’re looking to buy concrete pumps for small construction projects, line pumps are a perfect choice. This type of concrete pump comes with a hose attached to the back of the truck or trailer. Usually, the hose is attached manually and can be extended to reach the desired point on the construction site. Line concrete pumps pump at a slower rate than boom pumps.

Specialized usage pumps

Specialized usage pumps are mostly used on specialized job sites such as tunnels and mines. Although their basic working principle is similar to boom pumps, they have a special operation mechanism that enables them to supply concrete to even the tightest areas. They are also much more expensive, and usually, only big-time construction companies can afford to buy these concrete pumps.

How to choose a concrete pump

Before you buy concrete pumps, there are certain factors you need to consider. They include:

The manufacturer of the concrete pump

As with anything else, it’s always better if you buy concrete pumps from a reputable and trusted manufacturer. You can ask for recommendations from contractors in your regions if you are having trouble deciding which manufacturer to trust.

Purpose of the concrete pump

The ideal concrete pump for you will depend on the kind of construction projects. Line pumps are best for small scale projects, while boom pumps are more suited to large-scale construction works. Asides accessibility, you should also consider the volume of work as well as the pumping pressure of the concrete pump you’re about to buy.


When buying concrete pumps, you should look to get the best value for your money. The performance, longevity, and ease of maintenance must match the money you’re paying for the pump. Again, you can talk to a dealer around you if you want to find out about the kinds of concrete pumps that offer the best value for your money.

Contact us to buy affordable concrete pumps?

Are you thinking about investing in concrete pumps to facilitate your construction projects? Or you already have one but desire an upgrade? Equa Corporation is the company you should cost for the best concrete pumps that guarantee full value for your money. Our extensive inventory comprises a diverse collection of different brands of concrete pumps for sale in the United States. Get in touch with us today, and our experts would be on hand to advise you on the most suitable type of concrete pumps for your construction projects.  

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