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What to Look for When Shopping Around for the Best Concrete Pumps

best concrete pumpsWhether you are looking for a portable trailer pump or a large-scale solution, a concrete pump is a major investment for a construction company. Since it’s difficult to determine the best concrete pumps with so many on the market, you need to evaluate your own needs more than anything. Cost, capacity, and a company’s reputation are just some considerations.

Is The Pump Suitable For Your Vehicle

If you are buying a trailer pump, you will be supplying your truck to transport it around and between job sites. Depending on the weight and size, your vehicle's horsepower could be a bottleneck to the pump you’re interested in. Aside from its strength, you will at least want a truck with an adjustable hitch so you could even use multiple shapes and sizes of pumps.

The Right Pump For Your Mix

Pumps are designed to handle certain fineness of concrete mixes, with some being more diverse than others. These pumps will also have a variety of strength that may or may not be appropriate for pumping concrete to certain heights. This should be a major concern when looking around for some of the best concrete pumps.

Keeping Things Simple

The ability to use and maintain your pump should be a concern of yours as lost time in the future means lost potential profit. You should familiarize yourself with the piston/pump design, how to access and service components, and stock features that help with servicing the machine. Some manufacturers will intentionally make their pumps with a consolidated lubrication mechanism to prevent human error.

New Versus Used

Similarly, when deciding between new or used cars or IT equipment, you need to figure this out when looking around for the best concrete pumps for your business. Buying used means, you come with a host of new risks while it can save you a considerable amount of money. A new product may have a company warranty and prissiness, but it will lose value as soon as you use it

One of the main benefits of buying a used pump is that you could easily resell at around market value when you no longer need it. This is good when you venture on a project far from your home base and need to liquidate as soon as the operation is over. Generally speaking, used pumps will be just as functional as the new ones on the market.

A new product will be a good investment if it has new features that are particularly useful for what you’re doing. Generally speaking, this may not apply to you if your business is on a smaller scale. You should also look at pumps built with hard-chrome components with longevity in mind.

Buying a pump is a worthy investment as it would be a waste of labor to hand-mix the stuff on-site. Calling in another company to mix and pump concrete would probably eat into all of your profits so the up-front investment of your very own trailer pump would be ideal. If you are still shopping around, check out the various makes and models of concrete pumps that we have in stock.

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