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What You Need To Know Before Purchasing the best Concrete Pumps

concrete pumpsThere is no doubt that you need to get the best concrete that will enable you to serve your customers. However, you need to be extra careful before deciding what concrete pump to buy. The market is full of concrete pumps manufactured by different companies. Every brand you find on the market claims to be the best which may not be true. The best concrete pump should be able to satisfy both your needs and that of your customer.

How can you tell which is the best concrete pump?

The decision of choosing the best product should be made before you arrive on the market. Always have a better understanding of what you need before approaching the dealers. In the case of concrete pumps you should have a good knowledge of the following;

1. The right type of concrete pump
There are different types of concrete pumps that are available on the market currently. The models range from small trailer-mounted trucks to large placing booms. Your needs should guide you when choosing the type of concrete pump. Do proper research on the types and check which one will serve you better together with the clients. In case you are dealing with a small project then the truck mounted boom will be the right choice since it can be challenging to set up and to maneuver. Therefore, consider going for the standard trailer mounted pumps which are smaller and powerful.

2. Size of the concrete pump
The nature of your work should guide you when choosing the right concrete pump size. For instance, the big truck-mounted pumps can deliver an output of up to 185m3 in an hour with a boom height of about 65m. That means the large pump will be ideal if you have a big project that you need to complete within the shortest time possible.

Small concrete pumps will work best for small projects and in areas where the large ones cannot maneuver easily. These pumps have an output of about 15-120m3 per hour, and they can be perfect in a squeezed area due to their accommodating size. However, they can both deliver quality services, but efficiency is what matters here.

3. The available dealers and what they offer
The only way to get the best concrete pump is by purchasing it from the right dealer. Just like the brands, the dealers are also many in the market, and if you get the wrong one, there are high chances that you will buy the wrong pump. The best dealer should be able to offer advice, technical support and have the pump spare parts. You don’t need to keep looking for spare parts from other people who have little understanding of your pump.

The best concrete pump dealers have an excellent customer support team that is always ready to help and respond to any question raised by a customer. Our company offers the best concrete pump services in the region. Looking at the positive feedback and excellent ratings from our customers you can tell that we are unmatchable. In case you have any questions about the best concrete pumps feel free to call us today at (435) 615-0072 for assistance.

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