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What You Should Know When Searching Concrete Pumps For Sale

concrete pumps for saleA concrete pump is one of the more popular methods for the transfer of liquid concrete for a variety of reasons. This equipment has now become an everyday staple for building sites on all different types of projects. Once the concrete pump was designed and has now become more widely used, they help to boost the efficiency of many building projects, especially if there are high-rises going up. If you have a large-scale building job, you may want to look into concrete pumps for sale to help you finish the project in a more timely manner. 

It used to be that you had to lift up buckets of concrete while using a crane. However, concrete pumping technology now makes it easier to have the liquid concrete pumped up to higher floors. What this does is give the construction team a consistent supply of concrete into all of the places where it is required. 

How Does A Concrete Pump Work? 

The manner in which concrete pumps for sale work is part of the reason why they are such a reliable and popular choice versus a traditional concrete pump. There are two cylinders that are placed side by side, with each of them containing a piston. A piston draws the concrete in liquid form into the cylinder while the other one is pushing the concrete out at the same time. There is also a valve that helps determine which of the cylinders is open to the hopper that contains the concrete and which one is open to help discharge the pipes.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Concrete Pumps? 

Now that you know the basics of how a concrete pump works, it is best to learn about the various styles that are available.

Mobile Pumps: This equipment includes a concrete pump as well as a placing boom that is mounted on the chassis of a truck. The sizing of the boom varies, and you can deploy the concrete quickly to any area that is located within the boom range. 

Stationary Pumps: This equipment has a pump mounted on a trailer, which delivers concrete to targeted areas by way of a separate pipeline hooked to the trailer. The pipe is connected to a placing boom that allows the concrete to be dropped into place with detailed precision. 

Static Pumps/Truck Mounted: These are stationary pumps that can easily be mounted onto the chassis of a truck minus the boom. What this offers is the ability to reach anywhere within the range of the boom.

Truck-Mixer Pumps: Although static pumps and mobile pumps source concrete from sizable hoppers, you can also have the concrete supply be mobile. You can shop concrete pumps for sale that have a mixer truck, including both a boom and a concrete truck that has full mobility for diversity while on the job.

There are plenty of advantages that come with concrete pumps for sale on your large-scale projects. The two main advantages being that the supply is consistent and you can achieve a much larger supply of concrete each hour. We would love to talk with you at Concrete Pumps USA about the equipment that you are looking for. Get in touch with us today for detailed information on our available pumps!

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