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Why you should invest in a concrete pump

2009 Putzmeister 31-Meter Concrete Boom PumpIf you’re a big-time contractor handling large-scale commercial projects, you would probably need no introduction to concrete pumping. What a lot of contractors do not know, however, is that this cutting edge technology is not meant for large-scale construction projects only. Medium and small-scale projects can also enjoy the superior benefits that come with using concrete pumps. Importantly, investing in a concrete pump has proven to be a more cost-effective option than the alternatives. Below are some of the advantages of concrete pumps:

Superior concrete pouring speed

Investing in concrete pumps is the easiest way to guarantee optimal concrete pouring speed during your project. With concrete pumping equipment, you no longer need to hire cranes or wheelbarrows or deal with the delays that usually come with manual concrete pouring. A concrete pumping machine becomes even more useful if you have a deadline you’re trying to beat.

Reduced dependence on manual labor

All over the country, contractors have to deal with a scarcity of labor and rising labor costs. Concrete pumping reduces your reliance on manual labor because you no longer need people to manually convey batches of concrete from the mixer to where they’re needed. In the long run, you’ll be saving on labor costs and freeing up the workforce for other important tasks.

Improves the quality of your construction

Like every other mechanized process, using a concrete pump facilitates higher quality and accuracy during concrete placement. It doesn’t matter if you’re pouring the concrete on a foundation slab or high-rise building. A suitable concrete pump will help you deliver just the amount of concrete you need to the specific site. This would improve the overall quality of your project while also saving costs from minimal concrete wastage.

Improves concrete strength

When compared with other concrete pouring techniques, concrete pumping typically requires lesser quantities of water. This reduces the concrete’s chances of getting the shrink or cracking after its set up. Furthermore, concrete pumping can also improve strength because pumping is typically done before the concrete starts setting. 

No alternative comes close

When you compare concrete pumping with the available options such as barrowing and lifting with cranes, you’d agree pumping is the smart choice. It eliminates the common challenges contractors encounter with concrete placement. Pumps can deliver concrete to even the most areas on the site, and they do it with superior speed, accuracy, and safety. In the long run, you would be left behind if you do not ditch other methods for concrete pumping.

Get in touch with us for affordable concrete pumps

Are you thinking about investing in concrete pumps to facilitate your construction projects? Equa Corporation is the company you should trust with all your concrete pump needs. We have a diverse variety of used concrete pumps for sale in the United States. Our extensive inventory comprises all major brands, including Putzmeister, Schwing, Reed, Alliance, Concord, Cifa, Sany, Olin, and Mayco. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to recommend the perfect concrete pump for your project.

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